The mother of Detroit techno shares essential tracks to celebrate love and queer community

A year and 25 days ago, Jennifer Witcher, otherwise known as DJ Minx, decided to openly live her truth. She started her 2021 Pride Month with an Instagram post: “So here I am. Minx, DJ, producer, momma, partner, lesbian, friend.”

Witcher has spent the majority of her life intertwined with the Detroit techno scene. She started spinning in the early ‘90s, and in 1996, founded Women on Wax. Five years later, she managed to turn the collective into a record label. She told Billboard that throughout her experience, she was convinced that coming out would ruin her career, due to the normalized homophobia she experienced while growing up in the Midwest.

After self-reflection over quarantine, Witcher knew she needed to confront her fear. Her announcement was made, and she received overwhelming support. Now, she shares her essential Pride playlist with Document, starting with soulful funk and ending with her Detroit dance roots. With tracks by Madonna, Cyndie Lauper, and The Reese Project, her selection covers everything from dealing with crushes to coming-out anxieties.

“Make Me Feel” by Janelle Monáe
“Ohhh! The struggle of letting someone know you’re into them! This is the perfect soundtrack for that message.”

“I Am What I Am’” by Gloria Gaynor
“I am a human being, like everyone else. My lifestyle is who I am. It’s just like that.”

“Vogue” by Madonna
“This is, in my opinion, the Pride track of the century. It brings all the family together on the dance floor, and it signifies unity.”

“True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper
“[My thoughts on] coming out [used to center] feeling alone and unable to talk to anyone about it. There has always been love around me, I just didn’t know how to share what I was going through. I love my besties and supporters, and continuously thank them for being there for me.”

“Let A Bitch Know” by Kiddy Smile (Honey Dijon’s “That Bitch Knew” Extended Remix)
“Backstabbers are everywhere and this song is a soundtrack for the crap starters. You have to let folks know you are not to be played with… That’s the tea.”

“Faith In My Cup (Detroit Love Remix)” by DJ Holographic featuring Apropos
“I don’t owe you anything but my love. We don’t have to be here––any of us––but while we are, we will display love. Always.”

“The Colour of Love (Reese Deep Mix)” by The Reese Project
“Love is everywhere. It comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Love is love.”