Photographer Alexandra Leese and stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington collaborate on this fashion portfolio for Document’s Winter 2021/Resort 2022 issue

Models Jan Baiboon and Kayako Higuchi at Supreme. Hair Ramona Eschbach at Total. Make-up Stéphanie Kuntz using Shiseido at Callisté. Manicure Eri Narita at Artists Unit. Photo Assistants Aurèle Ferrero, Hugues Poulanges. Stylist Assistants Joséphine Dorval, Ange Heraut. Make-up Assistant Sara Steiner. Producer Vidhya Rassou at Kitten. Production Assistants Jonathan Nzaou and Bacary Seydi at Kitten. Production Director Madeleine Kiersztan at Ms4 Production. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting. Post Production IMGN.