Authenticity takes center stage as hair emboldens streetcast Londoners’ subversive styles

Hair is more than an accessory—its color, shape, and texture are emblematic of one’s present identity, of the way their past and peers have informed their self. For Document, hairstylist Ryan Mitchell and photographer Mark Luckasavage celebrate the uniqueness of character with alternative culture. They collected a group of those who live outside the social norm for a series of portraits. The performers, artists, and creatives were portrayed with great authenticity, mostly keeping their own clothing and makeup, with their hair styled to match each of their singular identities.

Models Dodo Potato, Valerie McLaren, Abigail Morris, Mulletbabyy, Spook, Lorelai Hacking, Cornelius Brady, Bogeng, El Hogg, Will Tse, Pixie Venom, John Connolly, Fleur. Make-up Anne Sophie Costa at Streeters using Byredo. Set Design Josh Stovell and Rufus Wilkinson. Hair Assistants Jordan Robertson, Ryu Tomoyose, Kaz Bradshaw. Make-up Assistants Ami Tami, Hiromi Iizuka. Casting Emma Mattell. Production Laure Lor Webb.

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