The outerwear brand has pledged itself to a fur-free and plastic-free future, powered by renewable energy

Moncler announced the launch of its second Born to Protect collection yesterday—an outerwear line made from lower impact materials, such as recycled nylon and polyester, and organic cotton. The pieces on offer include classic, glossy black puffers, hooded vests, turtleneck sweaters, and knit caps, all printed with exclusive Born to Protect insignia. The jackets’ linings feature a new comic strip, in which Moncler’s iconic mascot, Monduck, tells of the brand’s latest approach to sustainability.

Moncler’s dedication to protecting the planet doesn’t stop at one campaign, however. The company also declared its decision to phase out the use of fur by its Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Undoubtedly, such a move will have far-reaching effects on the outerwear industry at large—hopefully, it’ll trigger a shift toward more environmentally-friendly practices in fashion, in general.

Besides its commitment to move away from fur, Moncler has outlined a handful of goals that make up its five-year Sustainability Plan: The brand will soon operate free from single-use conventional plastics, switch entirely to renewable energy, and hopes to help 100,000 individuals in need of warm clothing. Half of the nylon used in Moncler collections will be sustainable by 2025, and the company hopes to recycle upwards of 80% of nylon scraps by 2023.

“What started as a clear mission to protect from the cold has evolved to a commitment to protect people and the planet, while acknowledging the monumental task that lies ahead,” read’s Moncler’s press statement. “We used to climb mountains. Now we must move them.”