In an homage to city life, this fashion portfolio features eccentric characters whose paths cross on the way to different destinations

Models Vanessa Aguasvivas at Next; Jackie Klein and Amya Bishop at Ricky Michiels; Megan Rodrigues at State; Hana Altomonte at New York Models; Hop at Offshore; Daniel Rayorozco, Seyquan Mack, Donta Waldron, Justin, Jesse Newman. Hair Erol Karadag. Make-up Kuma at Streeters. Set Design Grace Beck. Lighting Director Diego Bendezu. Stylist Assistants Jasmine James, Billy Kiessling. Hair Assistant Zach Dierks. Make-up Assistant Miki Ishikura. Senior Producer Sheri Chiu. Executive Producer Madeleine Kiersztan at Ms4 Production. Casting Director Natalie Lin. Shot at Smashbox Studios.