Photographer Cécile Smetana Baudier and Document’s fashion and creative director Sarah Richardson collaborate on this fashion portfolio for Document’s Summer/Pre-Fall 2021 issue

Models Vilma Sjöberg at Next; Anna Juelsgaard and Thea Juelsgaard; Vigga. Beauty Director Lucia Pieroni at Streeters. Photo Assistant Andreas Bøcher. Lighting Director Frederik Säll. Stylist Assistants Hannah Ohlsson, Zoë Fosu-Hema Donkor Roussos. Animal Handlers Maibritt Jensen, Jin Suhr. Production The Lab Cph. Production Assistants Emilie Kiilerich, Eske Viuf, Jonah Pinny. Production Director Madeleine Kiersztan at Ms4 Production. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting. Special thanks to The Lab Cph, Nordfeld Gods, Skippergården, Flemming, Boho Habits, Beau Marché and Arne Aksel.