LOVERBOY's Spring/Summer 2022 show was a vibrant blend of Scottish folklore and London club culture

With guests entering through an eerie corridor—one with neon lights quivering in the corner and guarded by a 7ft rainbow-haired spirit—the Charles Jeffrey show was preceded by an immersive journey through darkness, and a hint that there’s usually light beyond the gloom.

The ritualistic nuances continued to rise as bodies, resembling nocturnal presences in a nightclub, emerged in disheveled and psychedelic knitwear, painterly prints, and heritage tartans, completed with a baker boy cap or a flickering candle headpiece—before a joyous explosion of fast-paced energetic performers. The vibrant patchwork of Scottish folklore and the vibrancy of London club life was just the jumpstart we all needed to find enlightenment at the end of the tunnel.

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