The photographer celebrates a generation undaunted by the pandemic in personal black and white portraits

After explaining his concept to casting director Simone Drost, photographer Hördur Ingason was given a list of subjects—most of whom had never modeled before—that immediately captivated his eye. Combining elements of street style and documentary photography, he set out with the simple aim of capturing youth in Copenhagen. “I think there is something so unique with young people,” Ingason commented. “The awkwardness, the style, their approach to life, where everything is possible and they have very little to worry about.”

Shooting during the lockdown, he was able to hear his subjects’ stories about coping with the pandemic. Taking inspiration from photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irvin Penn and Judith Joy Ross, the series features stunning, character-filled black and white portraits imbued with a timeless aura. “It was a hard decision to make all the images in black and white because some of the people I photographed had the craziest colors in their clothes and hair,” Ingason commented. “But I wanted to cut that all out and focus more on the people instead of the clothes.”

Casting Director Simone Drost. Grooming Lasse Pederson. Photographer Assistant Anders Linow Philip.

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