14 upbeat tunes that will evoke faint memories of dancing with your friends in crowded nightclubs

Before COVID, Fiona Zanetti was spinning records at exclusive fashion week after parties all over the world. During quarantine, Fiona started live-streaming DJ sets on Instagram to share her music and undeniable skill with her 300k+ followers, giving them an opportunity to join her party from the comfort of their own homes. Fiona has now prepared an exclusive playlist for Document Journal of tracks she will spin as soon as she can DJ in public again.

“I gathered tracks that I envision playing when I daydream about going back to the decks and making the dancefloor sweat like it was 2019,” explains Fiona, who was lucky enough to play a few sets in the summer of 2020, after the first lockdown was lifted in Europe and before the second wave hit. “I’m usually more of a tech-house and acid kind of girl, but it’s the disco-funk for me that emulates the pure happiness and pleasure of sharing a moment of music with total strangers, so this playlist has a bit of both.”

When asked about artists and tracks she finds herself going back to time after time, Mella Dee, Alan Braxe, and Fred Falke stand out as no-brainers. “I think there was never one performance where I played ‘Techno Disco Tool’ from Mella Dee or ‘Intro’ from Alan Braxe and Fred Falke and that the crowd didn’t go crazy,” she says. “Those are no-brainers, no matter the age, gender, country, or place. I love to play them cause they are sunny, happy songs with a lot of strength and never fail to make the party epic and draw a smile on people’s faces.”

But Fiona doesn’t necessarily stick to just one genre. For her playlist, she explores other avenues of club music, such as Chicago house and even the acid techno normally found pumping through the speakers at a dark underground rave. “I love some good Chicago house classics to pop into a set, here we have ‘God Made Me Phunky’ by MD X-Spress,” she says, adding that it has taken a toll on her to not play gigs. “I’m this close to going to an illegal rave right now. I wanted to add some good acid techno tracks I love, courtesy of Paranoid London and 999999999.” Through Fiona’s curation, we get an idea of what it will be like to see the DJ behind the decks later in 2021.