Finally, a Polaroid camera for going out

Launched today, the world's smallest instant analog camera is perfect for spontaneous moments of inspiration

In the age of tiny backpacks, it can be difficult to be prepared to act on impulse. The artist does not want to lug around bulky brushes for painting and weighty clay for sculpting on the off-chance that inspiration may strike.

The most cumbersome offender is the camera. Their awkward shape fills a bag quickly, leaving little room for wallets and tissues. The camera, a burden, is abandoned by the artist, left at home unless it is certain to be used. Luckily, Polaroid has a solution, perfectly sized for the tiniest Fjallravens.

The PolaroidGo the smallest analog instant camera in the world. With a length of 4 inches (the size of the iconic, original iPhone SE), a width of 3.3 inches (about the length of a pack of cigarettes), and a height of 2.4 inches (the same size as the short end of a single dollar bill), this Polaroid is almost impossibly small. The photos themselves are, consequently, also small. Excluding the classic white frame, the photos pop out at 1.8 inches on all sides. That’s a bit smaller than the size of a thumb, a copy of Infinite Jest laid down flat, the width of two stamps side by side, and the diameter of a soda can. Launching today, Polaroid is partnering with a group of creators pushing artistic boundaries with the campaign “Go Create.” London-based musician Arlo Parks and Lizzo’s creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson are kicking off the campaign, capturing their creative process through the PolaroidGo lens.

Its stout build allows for easy slipping into the tiniest of purses, the slimmest of totes, even the most reasonably sized coat pockets. With this ease, the artist can carry the camera around wherever they go. No longer a burden, candid analog shots are possible again.