In this season’s theatrical rendition, Pierpaolo Piccioli defines drama with short cuts and a pared black and white palette

For Pierpaolo Piccioli, theater is boldness, and boldness is innovation. The theater is sensual and romantic; it tugs on sentimentality without falling into it, instead eliciting memory for cultural growth. Inside Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Valentino’s Fall 2021 collection is willfully bold.

The creative director opted for a starkly limited palette of black and white, elevating dramatically tailored silhouettes. Sharp cuts and short hems transform traditional evening dresses and pleated skirts into something entirely new. Men’s trousers are cut just above the ankle. The decidedly cropped collection is accentuated by thick soles, stilettos, and wooly cape-like coats. Valentino revolutionizes the romantic, brutally candor in gestures of style. Layers pull on sensuality with bare legs and skin emerging beneath diamond patterned nets and sheer chiffons. Anarchist inspiration takes form in opulent gold studs lining the toes of heels and ornamentally enlarged decoration on handbags. Androgyny is almost feminized, balancing a classic romanticism with youthful sensuality.

For fall, Valentino experiments with luxury. Styles and inspirations are mixed and matched in a simple, yet loud color palette. The collection is theatrical, sophisticated, and exciting.