Weaving together feminine classics and elaborate knitwear, Karl Templer’s latest offering is an experiment in texture and form

Weaving together feminine classics and bold textural elements, Ports 1961’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection evokes the pastoral ambiance of a blanket worn over the shoulders, the sensual romance of sheepskin rugs underfoot. Elsewhere in the collection, unconventional winter fabrics fall in sensual twists and folds, pairing streamlined contours with lush organic texture; luscious, chunky knits drape over business-inspired skirts, complete with oversized gold lockets worn low on the chest. The outerwear is defined by exaggerated shoulders and generous collars, the voluminous cape-inspired silhouettes yielding to softer layers gathered together with oversized buttons and decorative clasps.

Immaculately braided and ribbed knits complicate the traditional pieces, with blazers reinterpreted in soft mohair or else styled over leather pants and platform shoes. Dove grey, beige, and overcast shades suffuse the collection, bringing an alluring softness to balance the high-contrast colorblocking of black-and-white looks. Opulent multicolor furs and iridescent tonal leather bring a metropolitan edge to the collection, while unapologetically primal textures call to mind a simpler time. It’s these rural elements, paired with elevated contours and bourgeoisie style codes, that situate Director Karl Templer’s offering in firmly experimental terrain.

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