Spend this Halloween with your favorite sexy scream queens

IT’S HALLOWEEN, BITCH. In lieu of dressing up and going out this year—you know, because of the pandemic and all—my Halloween will be spent watching all my favorite hot girl horror movies. Horror is hands down my favorite film genre because they are literally hysterical and everyone in them is always drop-dead gorgeous. Laughing and getting jealous of other girls for being prettier than me? My two favorite things! Plus these movies will for sure make you feel better about your decision making ability. You think you have bad judgement? Hot girls in horror movies have way worse. It’s like no, don’t go into that dark scary basement alone, ur so sexy, aha. Another added bonus: Guys love horror movies, and even though some of these picks might be a tough sell for pretentious, self-proclaimed “horror snob” types, if you can get them on board, I promise they’ll freaking love them. (Even if they do posture like it’s not as good as their favorite Bong Joon-ho.)


It’s Groundhog Day meets Scream. When someone murders hot sorority girl “Tree” on her birthday, she’s forced to relive that same cursed day over and over until she finds out who’s trying to kill her. Filled with lots of hot girls and hot girl humor, Happy Death Day is funny, aesthetically cute, and honestly, fucking terrifying.


It’s basically Chicago for the social media age. Two high school girls, desperate for social media fame, gain followers by becoming “crime reporters” who post about a series of murders that are happening in their town. The twist? They’re the ones committing the murders. Tragedy Girls will make you laugh, scream, and give you a ton of outfit ideas.


One of the funniest movies out there, Jennifer’s Body is a horror masterpiece in which Jennifer, played by the hot girl of the aughts, Megan Fox, gets cursed in a sacrifice ritual and develops a taste for… eating boys. Jennifer’s Body is laugh-out-loud funny, scream-out-loud scary, and everyone in it, from Megan Fox to Amanda Seyfried to the film’s villain, Adam Brody is… so hot.


Gemini is the ultimate aesthetic, arty, abstract hot girl horror movie. Zoë Kravitz plays a movie star who gets murdered, and her assistant Lola Kirke is the prime suspect. It’s dark, twisty, confusing, and is such a vibe movie. Gorgeous clothes and people and beautiful long shots of the Hollywood Hills looking very spooky.


Perfect, simple, campy horror populated with a bunch of gorgeous people. What more could you ask for? Lucy Hale plays Olivia, a college senior who goes to Mexico and accidentally gets her whole friend roped into a life or death stakes game of truth or dare. Whoops! It’s so scary but also… sexy. We love it!