Alex Hodor-Lee captures the all-star marching band in rare moments of quiet for 2 Moncler 1952

The Empire Marching Elite drummed their way through the pastoral planes and wooded, shady dense of Tibbetts Brook Park, located just north of New York City’s upper reaches. Moving to a chorus of their own beat, the members of T.E.M.E.—Lamont, Samantha, Kizzy, Royal, and Alyssa—show off their booming acoustics in collaboration with 2 Moncler 1952. Here they are captured in rare moments of quiet, illuminated by moonlight amidst forestial solitude. By day, by night marching a path in the space between the real and surreal. Genius in motion.

Talent Lamont Alonzo, Samantha Umpthery, Kizzy RegisRoyal-Hyness Allah, Alyssa Reeves of The Empire Marching Elite. Casting Director Angus Munro at AMC Casting. Stylist Marian Beshara. Producer River Myers at Matte Projects. Production Manager Steven Almonte. Photo Editor Jamie Emmerman. Stylist Assistants Christina O Jeffers, Michael Tong. Special thanks to Jada John, The Empire Marching Elite, Westchester County Film Office.