Photographer Pablo Di Prima captures the warm intimacy of getting lost in your favorite album, a new book, or your lover's arms

Celebrating Maison Kitsuné’s characteristic affinity for music, at a time when festivals and concerts are on pause, photographer Pablo Di Prima captures radiant youth in bedrooms kissing, dancing, and playing records. The models don a mixture of wide-leg pants and loose-fitting knit sweaters, while nonchalantly draped over furniture, beds, and each other. This portfolio pays homage to our unadulterated individuality and ability to find shelter in another’s company, as well as hand-written expressions of affection.

Models Shu Alexander and Marco Torri at XDIRECTN; Jorja Davis and Cordelia Preece at Premier; Aaron Lewins at Models 1; Max Lancaster and Mountaga Diop at Supa; Chester Mckee and Aramish Mangi at Tomorrow Is Another Day; Rose Koroma and Honor Freeman at Elite; Saduni at Brother Models; Zhuo Chen at Next; Harry Westcot and Izzy Hawken at Select; Magnus Westwell at Established; Max Cookward; Zach Turkson; and Kaia. Hair Blake Henderson. Make Up Rebecca Wordingham at Saint Luke. Set Design Afra Zamara at East. Casting Miro Raynov. Photo Assistant George Eyres. Make Up Assistant Lowri Jones. Music Glimmer by FOZSA.