“You will fall, you will hurt yourself—but you have to get back up no matter what.” Kumo shares a universal message in 7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, while upside-down and eight feet in the air.

Four months into social distancing, most of us are still learning how to be better people while being by ourselves. But King Kumo, Atlanta dancer and self-described FlipGod, has learned everything he knows about life from dancing alone. “Kids would be on the jungle gym, monkey bars or whatever, and playing basketball,” he says of his childhood in this short film Document recently created in collaboration with 7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara. “I’d be in the grass flipping, the whole entire time.” That’s not to say Kumo isn’t deeply immersed in the thriving dance and music community of his ATL hometown—as one part of The Future Kingz, and one of the most exciting signees on the city’s Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment label. Much like Fujiwara, a designer who spins the street slogans and utilitarian sensibilities of his upbringing into outerwear that’s totally out of this world—bomber jackets celebrating Kool & the Gang’s Spirit of the Boogi, sweaters laying out the longitude and latitude of a longtime favorite restaurant—Kumo looks to what he knows to send a universal message. “You will fall, you will hurt yourself,” he says, upside-down and eight feet in the air. “But you have to get back up no matter what.”