The photographer carries her compositional sensibility into De Cosmi, a jewelry line meant to move with the body

Photographer Catherine Servel’s visually engaging compositions are concerned with the dialectical relationship of form and space, the material and immaterial; she often captures her subjects mid-stretch with their limbs extending beyond the confines of the frame, imparting them with dignity that is palpable and expansive. She has carried this compositional sensibility into her jewelry line De Cosmi. Iridescent stones and pearls, vivid gems, and textured gold and silver coalesce with uniquely wrapped, upcycled silk. In effect, the jewelry possesses an earthy, crafted quality that imbues a sense of easy fluidity into the luxurious materials. De Cosmi pieces are meant to be worn, dangling from and moving with the body.

All jewelry by De Cosmi, @decosmiofficial

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