Proceeds from the print sale are donated to the National Bail out and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute

It is said that images define our present, shaping how we perceive the world by propagating certain narratives over others. [Reframing the Future] hopes to use images to help discard our society’s destructive, prevalent mode of perception—that is, one informed by white supremacy—and advance overlooked ones. From June 16-June 30, the initiative will sell work from over 50 photographers, donating all proceeds to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and the National Bail Out, two organizations dedicated to combating police brutality and mass incarceration. The sale features an intersectional mix of artists, including Araba Ankuma, Hans Neumann, Sabrina Santiago, and Vivek Vad. While working in diverse styles, the artists are bound together by a shared mission: to promote honesty, accountability, and direct action.

Poster by Bradley Pinkerton.

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