Partnering with Simone Rocha, Dawei, and more, the sustainable gift wrapping company has reallocated its resources to mask-making efforts

Few understand the challenge of environmentally sustainable manufacturing as intimately as those who work in fashion. Amber Testino, a Managing Partner of Art Partner, has 25 years of experience in the industry, witnessing waste of excess materials first hand. Compelled to address this issue—without compromising style—she launched UpWrap, offering an alternative to traditional paper wrapping: beautiful, high-quality gifting linens made with donated overstock from brands and textile manufacturers. UpWrap, in turn, donates a portion of each sale to the World Land Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving rainforests.

Upon the advent of COVID-19, UpWrap reallocated its resources towards the production of fabric face masks. Composed of off-cuts and dead-stock, the masks are reusable, washable, and accommodating of filters. Simone Rocha, Sunspel, Cucumber Clothing, Lucinda Chambers, Caroline Charles, Lot 78, The DangerfieldsDawei, and IGBONY have all partnered with the company, contributing their left over fabrics. UpWrap’s initiative also calls upon volunteers to create their own masks and subsequently distribute them to at-risk communities.

As paper masks for essential workers rapidly dwindle in supply, it is imperative to find other ways to keep ourselves protected. UpWrap offers a solution that pushes its original mission to its full extent, mobilizing makers to participate in an affordable, eco-conscious effort with far-reaching impact. Here, the company provides Document with comprehensive instructions on how to make the masks, addressing potential questions and concerns.