Enlisting the platform's poll function, 'Love Stories' invites you to participate in a virtual intellectual community

As we maintain connection through digital mediums in the age of COVID-19, the oversaturated world of social media content becomes increasingly challenging to endure. Luckily, beginning May 11th, Prada Foundation is presenting a unique series to capture the emotional experiences across our vast online community. Titled “Love Stories—A Sentimental Survey by Francesco Vezzoli,” the project will live on the @fondazioneprada Instagram account, leveraging the IG Stories Polls feature as a proper survey medium. “Love Stories” will post a question posed by Vezzoli each day across the next ten weeks, incorporating themes of love, identity, solitude, body, belonging, diversity, and the future.

At the end of each week, guests from art, culture, journalism, and television will be invited to discuss the poll results, sharing their own creative contributions to interpret the existential perspectives of our communities alongside the uncertain conditions of our modern world. Drawing on digital communication strategies, Vezzoli creates an environment that encourages an untethered exploration of emotional, psychological, and sentimental response. By defying the fleeting, instantaneous nature of Instagram, “Love Stories” expands the common social media experience into a virtual sphere of social inquiry, artistic reflection, and intellectual provocation.

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