From experimental techno to terrorcore, the Berlin-based collective picks 21 tracks that test the limits of club music

Disgust wants to take you outside of your musical comfort zone. Before the COVID-19 crisis hit, the Berlin-based collective threw parties in a club hidden behind a 24-hour store next to the infamous fetish club KitKat. “It’s go hard or go home,” Disgust co-organizer Niels van Loo recently told Document of the group’s shock-factor ethos. DJs play metalcore, deathcore, terrorcore, psytrance, hard style, Goa trance, power noize, Shranz—the best sets determined not by the quality of mixing but by the strength of your reaction.

Approaching venue closures and social distancing orders not as an obstacle but as an opportunity, Disgust made Document a playlist for going hard at home. “Quarantine might be a good time to broaden your musical horizon and rethink certain genres,” says van Loo. “We selected only artists we think are interesting to take a closer look at, because what they are doing is stepping out of genre-specific boundaries and adding new musical or conceptual dimension to the music.”

The playlist kicks off with a noize track by Puce Mary, a Danish artist investigating resilience through often-nihilistic sounds, and a techno-mediation on information overload by Finnish performing arts duo Amnesia Scanner. “They are sort of a personification of what we try to accomplish as a collective,” says van Loo of how the duo mediates our contemporary experience of sensory excess. Later, harder tracks include “Drop Dead” by avant-hardcore producer Astrid Gnosis, and the delightfully abrasive “Burning Flag” by NYC’s very own Kilbourne—“a wonderful person that, by just being herself, breaks all stigmas surrounding the types of music she advocates.” Disgust also champions the rising provocateurs (Lil Texas, E-Sagilla, and Ho99o9) reimagining sounds as disparate as jazz and death rap, and the hardcore legends (Ophidian, Lenny Dee/Manga Corps, and Rotterdam Terror Corps) they’ll always admire. Ophidian’s “Return of the Silence” was played at one of Disgust’s parties in December, says van Loo. “This track is one of our all time highlights and perfectly illustrates to what extent the music at our events can go.”

Join the seventh, fully digital Disgust party, hosted with nightlife fundraising campaign Lockdown Angels, tonight at 7pm EST on Facebook.