Recharge your spirits with uplifting tunes from Princess Nokia, The Jackson 5, Normani, and more

Navigating the complexities of our uprooted infrastructures has never been more challenging. The abrupt pause in our daily lives has created an environment in which rules no longer apply, shifting social perceptions of time, interaction, and movement. As we rack our brains to make sense of the world we live in, Dope Saint Jude offers a sonic solution: Isolation Station, a 42-track inspirational playlist composed of uplifting beats, lyrics, and sound.

As a South African queer woman of color, Dope Saint Jude is devoted to unraveling how our communal fates align in a world that seems increasingly divisive. “I chose songs that are in some way uplifting and easy to listen to. Most of the tracks offer an escape to my reality right now, being stuck at home while the world is on lockdown dealing with COVID-19,” she said. “In a difficult time like this, it’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves, but we should remember how lucky we are in relation to those who are suffering more.” The ongoing social crisis has called for significant efforts to rebuild communities, despite obstacles of irony and frustration. Thankfully, artistic expression is a communal stitch as well as an emotional outlet. Positivity and persistence holds communities together in trying times, and music serves as an at-home escape from terrifying reality. From Koffee to Samm Henshaw to Princess Nokia, kickstart your weekend with these sonic embodiments of gratitude, empathy, and hope.