The legendary photographer-stylist duo collaborate on this haunting portfolio for Document’s Fall/Winter 2019 issue.

Models Nikki Geus at Premium Models, Stas Zienkiewicz at Bananas Models, Mateo Garnier at Premium Models, Irina Liss at Supreme, Anton Engbrox at Marilyn Agency, Braien Vaiksaar, Cyryl Smolensky, and Malick Bodian at Success. Casting Jess Hallett. Hair Anthony Turner at Streeters. Make Up Kathinka Gernant at Unspoken Agency. Manicure Typhaine Kersual at Artists Unit. Lighting Technician Romain Dubus. Digital Technician Henri Coutant. Photo Assistants Correntin Thevent and Mikael Bambi. Stylist Assistants Niccolo Torelli, Aline Kästli, Letizia Maria Allodi, and Gabriel Figueiredo. Hair Assistants Claire Grech and Simon Khan. Make Up Assistant Romy Legger. Set Design Sylvain Cabouat at Walter Schupfer. Set Design Assistant Flavien Perrottey. Project Manager Simon Malivindi at One Thirty-Eight Production. Producers Natalie Pfister and Asheligh Hayward. Production Assistant Milena Le Mao. Thanks to Stephane Virgoleux.