The artist gives us a musical primer to the city's genre-defying scene. His new single 'Still' is available to stream today.

Patrick Holland, formerly known as Project Pablo, grew up in Vancouver in the early lo-fi house scene, but his sound reflects the breadth of a true music connoisseur. His music integrates inspirations as far-flung as Dave Matthews Band and experimental jazzy techno, but Holland’s affinity for Canada’s eccentric underground scene always stays front and center.

His single “Still,” released today, comes out of a project with longtime friend and collaborator Tiberius b. The record transposes memories of dancing around b’s London neighborhood onto a contagiously danceable house track recorded at Holland’s studio in Montreal, where he’s been based since 2014.

We asked Holland to put together an ode to the city’s inimitably eclectic musical fabric, featuring tracks from Mind Bath, New World Science, and Marie Davidson.

“Electronic music in Montreal isn’t entirely composed of dance music, and I wanted to reflect that through this small selection of tunes. Each artist here is truly inspiring; some I’ve had the joy of working with, and some I’ve enjoyed their work from afar. I am always excited to share their music with the world. Wish I could pick more!”