Forget your February blues with this sexy weekend soundtrack.

Parisian voguing icon Kiddy Smile seeks to spread retro love. As a queer multi-disciplinary artist, Kiddy is deeply influenced by the lazy feel of ’80s and ’90s house music as well as the legacy of the French Ballroom scene, drawing on the two in his own creative practices of producing, singing, dancing, and rapping. Recently, Kiddy partnered with Red Bull Media House to release 24 Hours with Kiddy Smile, a short documentary that goes behind the scenes before Kiddy and his team took the stage at Trans Musicales—France’s annual “see-it-here-first” festival. As an emerging artist, this performance was a major stepping stone in Kiddy’s pursuit of making an authentic, unapologetic mark with his danceable sound.

From break up songs to classic house tunes, Kiddy’s artistry is informed by a range of concepts and experiences. Paired with brief explanations on why he chose them, Kiddy curated a playlist of inspirational tracks that traverses the spectrum of life’s emotional moments.

“I Tried To Forget You,” Sylvester
“My favorite break up song from my spiritual mother Sylvester.”

“House Music (Message Mix),” Eddie Amador
“A classic tune from Mr. Amador that never goes out of style.”

“Phreaky MF,” Mr.69
“Mike Dunn is one of my favorite DJ’s and producers; I just love out this track. It is so sexy!”

“Sage Comme Une Image,” Lio
“Lio is a big pop icon in France and I just found out about this song, I love the disco feel of it.”

“Patience,” Ray BLK
“A song about patience and waiting for your time, not taking life as a race… that I’m living.”

“Slap my butt,” Kiddy Smile
“When you feel sexy and unstoppable with your squad and you are about to make a big mess of yourself: this is your soundtrack.”