With help from David Foster Wallace, Luke Meier emphasizes the importance of dressing with awareness.

At a high school in Milan, Luke Meier invited viewers to consider the necessity of sartorial durability and consciousness with OAMC Men’s Fall 2020 collection. The show began with a sound clip from David Foster Wallace’s “This Is Water” 2005 commencement speech, as a model walked out in head-to-toe black featuring a stylish boonie hat and steel-toed oxford loafers.

Meier wants one to feel both empowered by and aware of their environment. He explores the connection between environmental concerns and one’s ability to endure and grow stronger in order to adapt to the world’s ever-changing nature.

In his speech, Wallace said, “The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort.” What seems like a display of effortless accouterments is a highly curated collection exhibiting attention to detail and execution of willful concepts, a testament to Meier’s hands-on approach to design.

The outerwear of this collection alone signifies the dexterity of Meier’s craft—from soft cream and pastel pink hide-print rain gear to a sleek acid-treated leather trench. Other highlights include a cotton matelassé oversized poncho featuring a Daido Moriyama photographic print and thick crossbody straps in sturdy leather and canvas. Balancing practicality with comfort, Meier’s expert layering emphasizes functionality without sacrificing elegance.

OAMC and Adidas have also paired up this season on an oversized rubber boot, a running shoe, and OAMC’s creative take on the classic Adidas Samba.

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