This weekend, break out the hot toddies and fuzzy slippers and drift into the late fall chill.

Now that the sun sets before five o’clock, sleepiness ensues much earlier than it did during the long summer days. Inspired by this chilly, dim winter weather and its associated melancholy vibe, Australian frontman Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinic (VSC) has produced three EPs and two albums of ambient sound throughout his musical journey. Bettinson’s most recent album Onwards to Zion (October 2019) is an 11-track compilation of mesmerizing melodies, traditional guitars, subtle synths, and smooth vocals. Breaking from his record label in 2017, this album served as a revitalization of Bettinson’s deeply rooted love for creating music, self-described as reckoning with ‘internal doubt’. Currently on the European leg of his tour, VSC has come full circle with “newfound clarity and a sense of purpose” and “matured intention” in their sound, playing in New York at the Bowery Ballroom on December 3rd.

Ahead of the drowsy winter days to come, VSC shares a sleepytime playlist with Sigur Rós, M83, The xx, and more to kickstart your meditative, restful weekend.