'They don't make things like they used to'—Document's video ode to the celebrated, family-owned archive

Document spent a day inside the fabled archive of Early Halloween with its custodian and guardian Deborah Hendler and, self-proclaimed surrogate daughter, Elena Dimkaros. After 51 years in business, the establishment is an iconic institution for anyone in fashion, film, or television. This film explores the history of the vintage collection in hopes of preserving its memory and to honor the conservators of this two-story Chelsea legend as they prepare to close their doors this year.

Early Halloween is currently selling their stock.

Created by Shawn Lakin. Produced by 90° Collective. Executive Producer Ameer Kazmi. Featuring Deborah Hendler and Elena Dimkaros. Director Jarod Taber. Director of Photography Alex Echevarria. Sound Mixer Calvin Darden. Stills Photographer Sandy Ismail. Production Assistant Rebecca Kligerman. Editor Austin Bailey. Sound Design Artur Szerejko. Colorist Oliver Eid. Special thanks to Deborah Hendler and Elena Dimkaros at Early Halloween, Godfred Sedano, and Liam Christoffers.