This infinitely adaptable 20-track playlist from Alana O'Herlihy, a.k.a. @lilmami_lani, has something for everyone—from Billy Idol to Rosalía.

Artist Alana O’Herlihy has a profound appreciation for each and every corner of pop culture. Scrolling through her Instagram, you can expect to find John Waters, B.B. King, Judy Garland, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

O’Herlihy distills these disparate references to concoct imaginative multimedia work for a client-list including Fendi, Dior, and Tommy Hilfiger. Her editorials and campaigns often feature the Hadid sisters, who she’s been close with since childhood, among others like Selah Marley, Ilana Glazer, and Paloma Elsesser. But O’Herlihy’s self-portraits are equally captivating. Whether done up as Jack Nicholson’s ‘The Joker’ or a variety of characters invented by O’Herlihy, the fantasy of her portraits opens opportunities to delve into questions of identity and artifice without being self-serious—the kind of exploration that could go anywhere or nowhere but either would be ok.

The 20-song playlist O’Herlihy compiled for Document functions similarly, suited equally to self-guided walks through the city or prepping for a night out. “These are some songs that will forever ground my soul, songs that I have and will listen to for the rest of my life (‘Maybe,’ Janis Joplin), along with some recent favorites,” O’Herlihy said. “Some of these jingles are better played during the long hours spent behind my computer (‘Rhapsody in Blue,’ George Gershwin), and others are anthems to get myself out of the house (‘Ye,’ Burna Boy). This is a small window into the soundtrack to the movie I am making in my head as I walk down the streets of New York (‘Worth The Tears,’ Sheer Mag), and Bird my way through LA (‘Blister In The Sun,’ Violent Femmes).”