Markn photographs the emotion of returning home.

Returning to Ghana was liberating in more ways than one. Staying at my family home in Accra brought memories of my childhood flooding back. The distance traveled was not only geographical, but emotional, as I found myself surrounded by framed photographs of my mother, who sadly died when I was a child. I could not only see her in these images, but I felt her presence, remembering her as we were back then.

I reconnected with family members I hadn’t seen for years and I spent time with my brother, who also came over from London and accompanied Markn and I throughout the trip.

One of my main goals was to showcase the country in a different light; to show off the diversity and creativity of the country as it hasn’t previously been shown under the neo-colonial or western gaze. I felt myself reconnecting to a land and people that I knew and loved.

We visited several places and tried to capture fragments of the country’s unique vibrancy and energy. We explored the markets, which sent our senses into overdrive with all the aromas, textures, colors, and noises that surrounded us. At Ghana’s beaches, although technically areas of outstanding natural beauty, we learned of their sadder, darker side. It was this historic cape where slaves were once captured, sold, and transported overseas.

I was in awe of the creativity and passion of the people, my people. I felt an overwhelming sense of history wherever we went. This experience, mixed with my own personal ties and pride in my birthplace, has left me eager to go back. We saw the country’s raw and natural beauty, felt its sense of strength, pride, and independence, and its unique place within Africa. Ghana is a huge part of my identity, and I’m delighted to share this vision of my Ghana, my place of birth, with the world.

Models Joseph Tagoe at Yafan Models, Grace Quaye, Doris Hudsonodoi, Benedicta Amuzu, Yiren, Felix Boahen, Nana Birifa, Elyon Conney and Kwesi Bamfo at Cast Model Management. Mothers Cintia Debe with son Yinyelo Regation and Isabella Atiah with son Valentine Awinbbe. Hair Gianni Counsellor. Make Up by Colleen Afful Sam and Sarah Kona. Production Nana Adusei Poku. Styling assistant Felix Paradza. Hair assistant Rhoda Nyam.