Designer Victor Barragán teamed up with María Osado to cast the Spring 2020 show.

Over the past few years, street-casting has become an impetus in changing the perception of beauty in the fashion industry. Casting director María Osado has been at the forefront of this scene with her Mexico City-based agency Guerxs, which is founded upon the principle of having a diverse board of sexual, cultural, and racial identities.

Designer Victor Barragán, founder of brand Barragán, teamed up with Osado for the casting of his Spring 2020 show, which took place in New York City this week. “In New York City,” Osado says, “the different cultures that converge and the current representation conversations transform the landscape by making it more transversal.”

Initial casting took place at an open call, while the rest of the casting came from a collaboration with agencies such as Midland, No Agency, and Guerxs, fellow leaders in casting diversity. “The idea was to also create a fun environment, to break the ice,” Osado said of the experience. “Barragán wants you to be careless, and above everything: yourself.”

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