Creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier will host a series of monthly exhibitions at a new gallery space in Milan.

Jil Sander’s latest endeavor comes in the form of an experimental boutique-slash-gallery space located in Milan’s Via Sant’Andrea. The minimalist pop-up space from Creative Directors Lucie and Luke Meier will host a series of rotating exhibitions exploring a range of concepts throughout the year, from the utilitarian denim of the Meiers’ offshoot Jil Sander+ line to the bare, sculptural pieces that are emblematic of the Jil Sander brand.

The space’s first exhibition investigates the art of the puffer coat, exploring the sculptural properties of down inflation, a material that serves as both functional and surreal. The exhibition will feature designs by Lucie and Luke Meier for Jil Sander+ as well as additional artistic musings on the material.

The gallery space will be updated monthly, with each series complementing the brand’s Milan flagship in Via Pietro Verri. The Jil Sander gallery-meets-retail space will provide an introspective opportunity to experience the conceptual depth of the brand’s Creative Directors.

“We have many different items that aren’t part of the runway or the campaigns that we really want to be able to show,” the Meiers explained. “The space offers a chance to be quite exploratory, and to present things in a different way.”