New York's star publicist wants you to please sleep and relax about your next outfit.

New York Fashion Week is probably the busiest time of the year for publicist Gia Kuan. With nearly a dozen events under her belt this week, including shows for Barragán, Puppets and Puppets, and Area, she has to make sure that her and her team have everything that they need to function efficiently. Dead phone batteries and lack of sleep are just two things that can mess you up when you’re running around the city for back-to-back shows, presentations, and parties. Here are Kuan’s tips for surviving fashion week:

Get enough sleep
“When I was juggling a lot of things, it was definitely, like, no sleep at all. I do think that the value of sleep is really important. I must have, like, six to eight hours of sleep every day.”

Always carry a back-up charger
“I have to have four Mophies on me at all times. There’s nothing worse than having the PR’s phone dead.”

Make sure you eat
“We are always very well fed and office I always bring my team food. We’re going to do a dinner at my office where everyone brings their computer. We’re doing Mission Chinese and we work and work and do a big pow wow.”

Don’t think too hard about what you’re going to wear
“I don’t think about it. I just go for it. I have a pretty good sense. I usually see what’s closest to me in the wardrobe. and I just go for it.”

Be patient when there’s a mob outside a show
“I understand the urgency of it, I am going to deal with it. But, human to human, you also know the position that we’re in. We’re not not letting you in just because. Everyone’s gonna get in, it’s a matter of time. It is hard, because I know that people have to run from show to show, but at the end of the day, everyone is going to be fine. You’re gonna get a seat. We know who you are.”