Our wishes are granted: Will Smith is the new face of Moncler Genius.

Will Smith has us contemplating the nature of genius. This morning, the fresh prince and live-action Aladdin star announced on Instagram that he is now the face of Moncler Genius, adding fashion muse to his already impressive resume. In a behind the scenes video, Smith gives us Big Genie Energy, strutting around in the brand’s futuristic designs and stoically perching on a small stool. He describes his reaction to Moncler’s initial proposal in the Instagram caption: “‘These jokaz must be CRAZY,’…Then I was like… ‘That might be GENIUS.’ I started pondering the Relationship between Crazy & Genius and I got more & more intrigued. Real Dreamers ALWAYS get called Crazy! I started to wonder… ‘Are Geniuses born Crazy?! Or can we all get some?’”

The campaign, titled Genius is Born Crazy, is described by Moncler as, “a visual study on the notion of genius…capturing the drive, will, wit, and uniqueness of truly inventive minds, celebrating unbridled virtuosity.” Shot by Tim Walker, Smith’s inaugural fashion campaign shows him in a bright red parka and silver pants, levitating under a single light bulb.

According to the brand, “the mind of a Genius has its head in the future and feet off the ground. In this space, where inspiration can be turned on like a switch, we are able to spark the instant that possibilities are unlimited, creativity is unparalleled, and imagination thrives in the unknown.”

The campaign is another step in Smith’s growing creative repertoire. Its balancing of whimsy and art is possibly the only way to follow up his last performance, and while the blue paint and elf-ears were equally fashion-forward, his Moncler fit is definitely more practical for everyday genius-ing.