Creative director Massimo Giorgetti comes full circle with bright florals and exuberant prints in an ode to the brand's 90s roots at Pitti.

A lot has changed since Massimo Giorgetti founded MSGM in 2009. “The streetwear, the sweaters, and the denim didn’t sell,” said Giorgetti. “At the first year I had a lot of difficulties, because people didn’t want sweatshirts, jersey.” MSGM built its foundation on lively, technicolor prints, and it celebrated a decade in business during Pitti Uomo at the Nelson Mandela Forum, where Giorgetti presented the MSGM Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

A bright, digital pool projection stood in the middle of the floor, serving as both the centerpiece of the show and an ode to Giorgetti’s hometown in Rimini. “I grew up exactly in front of the sea,” he said. The designer emphasized that the collection he presented “is not déjà vu. Everything is new as the everything is about now.” At the root of the MSGM Spring/Summer 2020 collection was the basis of Italian fashion. “There is a strong part about tailoring,” said Giorgetti. “There is a strong part about craftsmanship. There is a strong part about artisanal clothes. And there is also a new kind of poetic way, romantic way, and new romanticism in MSGM.” Giorgetti recalled the energy and looks of his youth in the ꞌ90s through what MSGM does best: exuberant prints. There were vivid florals, quirky lobsters, degradée leopard, a punchy paisley, tie dye—and an artist collaboration with Berliner Norbert Bisky, whose paintings of faces and surf scenes covered a series of boxy button-up shirts. There were loose suit silhouettes, hoodies, and t-shirts. The footwear saw collaborations with Fila through ꞌ90s-inspired dad sneakers, and Sebago, with loafers covered in words  like “Milano,” the city where the brand started. “Collaborations are always important to me because it’s a mix of energy, a mix of themes that work together,” said Giorgetti. The show closed with the models going into the digital pool to present its swimwear—Speedoesque briefs paired with open shirts.

In a way, Giorgetti came full circle celebrating MSGM’s 10th anniversary during Pitti Uomo. It was six years ago when the label made its Pitti debut that marked a turning point for the brand with tie dye, check, and florals—trends that are still going strong today. “After the Pitti show (in 2013) I can say that the men of MSGM started to sell well,” said Giorgetti. As for the future, MSGM just launched an underwear line, next month will see the debut of its activewear, and a strong focus and shoes and accessories.

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