From choir girls to polo players, Edd Horder photographs a rarely seen side of British society for London Unstyled.

Pearly Kings, Grenadier Guards, Guardians of the Laws of the Game—hardly subcultures that spring to mind alongside Camden Town crust punks, and still more obscure-sounding to people outside of the U.K., but still a thriving part of Britain’s social fabric. Photographer Edd Horder documents these singular communities in a new story for Document, capturing the future stars and bearded gatekeepers of Goodwood Revival, Harrow Boys Boarding school, Dodson & Horrell Ladies Polo Team, and Épée de Combat fencing clubs. Horder’s most striking images reveal strictly regimented uniforms on grinning teens and 20-somethings, blurring the boundary between today and a bygone era.

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