Document hosted an intimate dinner and party to celebrate Issue No. 14 with special guest Liz Johnson Artur and the Brooklyn Museum at PUBLIC with a surprise performance by Shamir.

On Friday night, Document Journal and editor-in-chief Nick Vogelson celebrated the new S/S 2019 issue at the PUBLIC with a crew of longtime contributors and new friends, including Grace Coddington, Helena Christensen, Camilla Staerk, Charli XCX, Camille Bidault-Waddington, Casey Spooner, Narcissister, Christopher Kane, Patrik Ervell, Charles Renfro, Mitch Epstein, Olivier Rizzo, Bente Oort, Sita Abellan, Grace Hartzel, Lili Sumner, Loring Randolph, Caroline Polachek, Cedric Rivrain, Massimo Giorgetti, Francesco Vezzoli, Andre Walker, Michael Musto, Ryan McGinley, Christopher Kane, Ming Smith, Eileen Myles, Bob Colacello, Mario Sorrenti, Willy Vanderperre, Theo Wenner, Tschabalala Self, Anthony Haden-Guest, Stud1nt, and NK Badtz Maru.

Anok Yai and Willy Vanderperre. Photographed by Griffin Lipson.

Left: Nick Vogelson and Charli XCX. Right: Sora Choi and Grace Coddington. Photographed by Kelly Taub/

The evening started as an intimate dinner with special guest Liz Johnson Artur, who photographed a striking new fashion portfolio for Document S/S 2019, and currently has her first solo exhibition (including a few photos from Document F/W 2018) on view at the Brooklyn Museum curated by Document contributor Drew Sawyer. Shamir—the delightfully unpredictable pop star who appears in Document photographed by McGinley in collaboration with Kim Jones’s Dior Men—gave a surprise acoustic guitar performance in between courses prepared by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Dinner was followed by a rousing party in the PUBLIC’s basement event space, where two of NYC’s most exciting rising DJs, Stud1nt and NK Badtz Maru, kept us up until closing time with a wild set that saw the two artists sharing booth duties.

Left: Sora Choi. Photographed by Griffin Lipson. Right: Cedric Rivrain, Elliott Berghault, Roderick Fondeveolle, and Andre Walker. Photographed by Kelly Taub/

Left: Kiki Willems and Sora Choi. Photographed by Kelly Taub/ Right: Grace Hartzel. Photographed by Griffin Lipson.

Left: Helena Christensen and Bob Colacello. Right: James Wood, Ansley Gulielmi, and Bente Oort. Photographed by Kelly Taub/

Left: Bryanboy and Massimo Giorgetti. Right: Grace Hartzel and Mario Sorrenti. Photographed by Kelly Taub/

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