Photographer Alasdair McLellan and stylist Mauricio Nardi capture Berluti FW19 by Kris Van Assche in an exclusive fashion portfolio for Document S/S 2019.

Read our interview with Kris Van Assche on his vision for Berluti here.”

Models Veronika Kunz at The Squad Management, Freek Iven at Rebel Management, Alexander Gudmundsson and Oisin Murphy at IMG, Axel Lopez at 16Men, Giuseppe Surdi at Select Model Management, Bilal Cudjoe at Anti Agency, Hector Abbot at Kids London, Grace Musase at Elite Models, Axelle Doué at Mrs Robinson Management, Ingo Sliwinski at Tomorrow is Another Day, Ludo Gordon at Wilhelmina, Mats Vandenbosch van Mil at Success Models. Hair Anthony Turner at Streeters. Make-up Lynsey Alexander at Streeters. Manicure Pebbles at The Wall Group. Photo Assistants Lex Kembery, Simon Mackinlay, and Peter Smith. Tailor Michelle Warner. Fashion Assistants Pauline Collet and Emily Burrel. Hair Assistants Claire Grech, Simon Khan, and Blake Henderson. Make-up Assistants Phoebe Brown, Zahra Hassani, and Kate O’Rielly. Manicure Assistant Zaida. Production Ragi Dholakia Productions. Set Design Andy Hillman at Streeters. Set Assistants Saskia Wickinnsset and Caroline Byrne. Casting Piergiorgio Del Moro.