Hazy melodies meet Uber Eats in the music video for ‘Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind’ about a delivery man’s buoyant break from monotony.

Sunbeam Sound Machine is the psychedelic project of Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Sowersby. Sowersby returns from the acclaim of his 2014 album Wonderer with “Seems Like You’ve Made Up Your Mind,” the new entrancing single off his upcoming album Goodness Gracious out May 3 via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records. It’s a sonic snapshot of those bright yet melancholic summer evenings that begin with high intentions yet end in a slow-moving haze—and sometimes the unexpected. Jangly guitar strums simmer over meditative drum beats and hypnotizing, planetary synths that lure you in for the ride.

Document premieres the music video for “Seems Like You’ve Made Up Your Mind,” which follows the story of a food delivery man, played by Terry Yeboah, fed up with the stifling humdrum of his draining occupation. Forced to deliver a meal against intensifying odds, the video, shot by Sean T. Barnes over two nights around Melbourne, captures that tiny light-hearted beam of optimism to be uncovered in times of surmounting loneliness. “[Cinematographer Clancy Walker] actually signed up to be an Uber Eats driver to get the bag he carries in the video,” Sowersby told Document, adding that as soon as the shoot was done, Walker flew to Mexico to help save an endangered type of porpoise.

“With every song, I’m just trying to create an atmosphere around [it] that you can really live in,” said Sowersby. “I’m always just trying to capture a feeling.”

Goodness Gracious is out May 3 via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records. Watch the music video for “Seems Like You’ve Made Up Your Mind” directed by Clancy Walker in the video above.