Photographer Kei Takeda goes backstage as Glenn Martens unveils his latest collection for Y/Project.

Y/Project’s Fall 2019 collection was all about innovation and play. Engendered to give off both an effortless simplicity and an unabashed inventiveness, everyday staples like sweatshirts, pants, skirts, and dresses alike were reinvented for the runway. The collection is held together by the tension between the functionality of the fabrics employed—think, denim, cotton drill, and fleecy synthetics—and the actual, oftentimes elaborate physical structure of the pieces themselves. With scarfs long enough to be carpets, figure-distorting dresses, and skirts made of deconstructed pants, designer Glenn Martens asks us to expand our imaginations, question our understand of quotidian clothing, and redetermine the boundaries of “streetwear” to the ultimate end of showing us that streetwear demands no boundaries at all.

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