An exclusive visual diary by the designer detailing the Sies Marjan Fall 2019 collection.

Sander Lak is a cinema junkie. It’s no surprise that the designer fell into fashion after first applying to film school, nor that he later found a way to meld both worlds with his label Sies Marjan. Each collection conveys a stirring sense of narrative, not to mention a hypnotizing color story, from which each look—incandescent, otherworldly, seductive—emerges like a film still (and sticks in your mind the same way). For Fall 2019, Lak created an exclusive visual diary for Document Journal, allowing us to watch the drama unfold from unexpected angles. A galaxy of stars gives way to luminous wigs laid out in a neon peach rainbow; hues perfectly extracted from silk slip dresses and elegant outerwear, or contrasting with a suit set in luxe maroon leather. Lak’s hallmark holographic pieces appear still more surreal in casual settings—galaxy prints captured against an industrial grey door, an icy explosion of metallic tulle dangling from a plastic hanger. Who said it ruins the magic to show how it’s made?

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