VHFdigital are setting out to showcase fashion in a new, digital-native way. Using 3D mapping and animations, along with an aesthetic that throws back to the genesis of the internet, the art duo splice together the real and the fabricated, the new and the historical to view fashion and the products it creates from all angles and perspectives. For Document Online, VHF took on Fendi in five acts, showcasing their Spring/Summer 2019 collection with a focus on handbags, abstracting the Fendi bags in a three dimensional space, sending it spinning—floating amongst the digital sphere in nostalgic ’80’s graphics.

Model Niki Geux at Paparazzi Model Management. Hair Tomomi Roppongi using Bumble and Bumble. Make Up Lucy Joan Pearson using BYBI. Set Design Noa Zarfati. Set Assistant Tiziano Viticchie. All products Fendi.