Kenzo’s Humberto Leon and Carol Lim tapped Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo to create a hallucogenic set inspired by an ayahuasca trip.

For Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, designer Humbero Leon looked towards his ancestors, the Tusan, a group of people who put down their roots in the Peru after arriving from the Guangdong province in China in the 1800s. Leon and his design partner Carol Lim tapped Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo to concoct the set, which was inspired by his own magical hallucinatory visions under the influence of Ayahuasca, the trendy healing hallucinogenic brew that stems from South America. Deer and parrots fused with the jungle and vibrant spaceships in the psychedelic backdrop, as models walked out telling the narrative of Peru, from the hikers who go there to trek the Andes to the tourists looking to get a glimpse of Machu Picchu, to the indigenous people wearing vibrant, cosy knitwear.

Trippy hypnotic graphics on cocktail dresses, and a swirly print suit set, took the ayahuasca-induced theme to the clothes. Chunky ponchos, colorful cardigans, and bright beanies paid homage to the alpaca-rich knits popular in Peru with both locals and tourists alike. There were also prints inspired by the patterns created by the country’s artisanal weavers. Leon and Lim also drew from the mountain climbers who scale the Andes, creating a number of technicolor outerwear pieces that included oversized coats, tactical vests, and hiking pants bright enough to be easily spotted against the rough mountain terrain. Graphic prints with both Chinese characters and Spanish words further nodded towards Leon’s roots. Click on the video to see exclusive backstage footage from Kenzo Fall/Winter 2019.

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