As 2018 comes to a close, Document is asking friends and contributors what items they have their eye on, and what their hopes are for the year ahead. If you’re familiar with icon Richie Shazam, it should come as no surprise that when we went to speak with them, we were greeting with open arms and prosthetic elf ears. As a model and artist Richie has been gracing the pages of magazines and runway shows for years and recently took a break from a photo shoot to speak to us about their must haves for the holiday season.

What is your favorite organization that you think is important for people to support this holiday season?
There are three LGBTQIA organizations within NYC advocating for inclusion, visibility, empowerment and equality: Princess Janae PlaceDestination Tomorrow, and Caribbean Equality Project.

What’s your most cherished holiday memory?
Coming home on Christmas to a cut-out of the Fat Jew in my bedroom. It was extremely horrifying, grotesque and filled with tenderness.

How would you describe 2018 in one word.

What is your New Years resolution?
Stay LIT

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