As 2018 comes to a close, Document is asking friends and contributors what items they have their eye on, and what their hopes are for the year ahead. Tucked inside the sun-lit Bushwick studio of sculptural artist Drake Carr is a Rolodex of colorful characters—including himself. Coming off of his solo show, Gulp at the Hole, Document met with the artist to gain a peek into his mind and what he’s hankering for this holiday.

What do you want to get for your mom?

Drake CarrFor my mom’s Christmas gift I usually make something for her to wear or to decorate the house with. I think she genuinely likes what I make her… But as for this year’s present it’s a surprise.

What is your favorite organization that you think is important for people to support this holiday season?

DrakeWhaley Children’s center is a foster home in Michigan. They have been affected, like other Flint residents, by the poisonous water crisis. The government-funded supply of water bottles has been terminated, so the children’s clean water supply is entirely donation based. You can easily donate on their website.

Left: Versace espresso cup and saucer, $250. Right: Devil’s Delight print by Marc DeBauch, $22.35.

What is your most cherished holiday memory?

DrakeMy favorite Christmas memory is reading the semi sarcastic letters my dad wrote pretending to be Santa. Also our family’s Christmas dinner of my mom’s lasagna and baked spaghetti.

How would you describe 2018 in one word?


What is your holiday/new years resolution?

DrakeI don’t have a New Years resolution because I regularly do the things I wanna do and make the changes I need to make!

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