Masha Reva creates expressive portraits using the body as her canvas.

Kiev-based designer and artist Masha Reva possesses an intimate knowledge of the human form. With photographer Jakob Müller-Meernach, Reva creates expressive portraits by applying paint and illustration directly onto the body—which she considers an extension of the canvas—offering the viewer insight into the inner workings of each model. In this exclusive portfolio for Document, the designer expands upon her previous series, “Drawing on Kiev Kids,” this time focusing her attention on young creatives in the UK.

Accompanying the work is a behind-the-scenes video by Pablo Di Prima revealing Reva’s painterly approach.

Photographer Jakob Müller-Meernach. Illustrator Masha Reva. Models EmmaFloraIfeJadeJoonasMichaelNadiaPippa and Xelia. Project Coordinator Amelia Stevens. Photo Assistant Niklas Böll.