Hungry mouths dig their way forward—in search of a puff of a drag or simply a place to call home—in “Evening Part 1,” the arousing-ly new piece by filmmaker Nathalie Canguilhem for Anthony Vaccarello. Featuring the creative director’s Spring/Summer 2017 accoutrement, his debut collection for the French label, the film visually articulates the new vision for Saint Laurent in a mysterious reclamation of nightlife, art, and sexual freedom. While past chapters of the house’s history explored gender and genre, Vaccarello signature seductive speed invites affection—its enticing offering and the worry of withdrawal—into brazen forms. The short film, seen above, scans a lust-full room in intimate vignettes of black and white as an Andy Warhol text is read over Beethoven’s Symphony n°7. Its cast—Freja, Jourdana, David, Josh, Hiandra, Cara, Selena, Sasha, and Mileshka, all of whom appear in the brand’s seasonal campaign by Document contributor Collier Schorr—seem to be wrestling with all these thoughts in addition to the physicalities of each other.