Established alongside publishing house Feltrinelli in 2013 to discover new and emerging literary talent, Prada Journal seeks to expand the boundaries of traditional storytelling by inviting readers to experience winning selections through a multitude of platforms, formats, and lenses. Now in its third edition, American scriptwriter Christopher Ciancimino selected excerpts from this year’s four prizewinning entries by Kei Matsushima, Flávio Vinicius Moreira Costa, Billie Phillips, and Maria Laura Rodriguez, transposing each into two-minute plays for the Italian fashion house. Together, with a troupe of eleven actors, the works were filmed both onstage and in their outside environments, creating a total of eight different interpretations—all of which are now on view in an immersive, 360 degree digital theater on Prada’s website. By tapping the spacebar or shaking mobile devices, viewers can alternate between the various stagings of each performance, and, in doing so, effectively take part in the process of crafting a unique perspective on each story. This very theme of transforming and traversing across multiple perspectives is inspired by the Prada Journal collection, a series of optical frames developed for the project in collaboration with eyewear manufacturer Luxottica.