When Julia Cumming isn’t fronting her rock band the Brooklyn-based punk, Sunflower Bean, singing and playing bass, she happens to also be fronting Saint Laurent Paris campaigns. And as muse to Hedi Slimane you can find her walking runway for the label. The cool-girl met with Document for an exclusive photoshoot and let’s us know what music means to her.

Where’s your favorite place to play in Brooklyn?

Baby’s All Right!

What drew you to the bass (as opposed to the guitar)? 

I always loved bass, it was always my favorite part of the songs I was listening to. I also played guitar, so it wasn’t too hard to pick up bass too.

As a classically trained singer, what appeals most to you about punk rock? 

I was playing in bands before I studied classical music, so writing and performing music I wrote has been a part of my life for a long time. Classical music education is definitely useful and really great, but it wasn’t ultimately wanted to be doing as an artist.

We’ve read that you once said growing up you ‘wanted to be in the Beatles’, do you draw most of your artistic influence from males? How does that play into your personal style? 

I don’t necessarily draw my artistic influence from males. Especially when you’re a child, and you’re soaking in the imagery of the world around you, you’re not thinking in terms of gender. I just liked the stuff I thought was amazing and cool and inspired me. There are a lot more inspiring musicians that are female in the public eye now then when I was growing up, and that’s a great thing.

Can you tell us a bit about your process creating songs with your band, Sunflower Bean?

Everything we write is very collaborative. One of us will bring a riff or some parts together and we will all work on formatting etc, together!

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done? 

Bravest? I’m not sure! Maybe I haven’t done it yet.

Tell us something about you that people didn’t know.

My parents met by being in a band together, and formed their own 90’s rap duo called “Bite The Wax Godhead.” They didn’t get popular, but they had a lot of spirit.

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