What started out as a creative canvas for about 30 emerging artists, Agenda, founded by Aaron Levant, quickly grew to be the largest tradeshow of it’s kind featuring 750+ emerging as well as established brands. Agenda began in 2001 when Aaron established a series of one night only pop up exhibitions showcasing product he felt was underepresented in the fashion community. With the Agenda tradeshow, Aaron emphasises the advantange of having fashion be interdisciniplinary; a haven for all artistic mediums. Document sits down with Aaron to highlight his top brands to watch.


A brand defined by original art illustrations where the clothing serves as a canvas. The brand was devoid of branding for it’s beginning years as it wanted the consumer to buy into the product and not the brand. Each season reflects a geographic exploration, from art work to the sourcing of local fabrics/ textiles. At the conclusion of each brands production, they travel back to the location to shoot the look book.


Athletisure, meets style, while remaining 100% functional. A brand started by a commuter cyclist with a background in graphic design. Everything is reflective for night riding safety, but it is incorporated in styles such as zip hoodies, pull overs, cargo pants, etc… It duals as daywear, and night time cycling safety gear.

Brother’s Marshall

Celebrated for it’s authentic raw Malibu surf aesthetic. A brand with an 80’s throw back authentic sense of style, the consumer is the creator, it’s not meant to be mass or appeal to any of the competing larger consumers, but those with a connection to authentic LA skate culture. The brand blends la surf/ street culture, 90’s punk, and drug culture into a collection that [runs through the gutter, ending in the ocean].

Be Street

This multi media brand started off consulting for other creatives until they realized their voice was the only one they really believed in. This branched itself into a multi-media platform who biggest medians are it’s website, and print publication. It’s focus is on the merge of street and couture which back in 2008 was a relatively small market in Paris. They have just recently launched their 1st US publication based out of LA. All covers are original art work exclusively done for the magazine. The multi – media brand aims to tell each artists story.

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